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Malaria, or Plasmodium falciparum, is infecting people around the world, mostly in Africa. Over one million people are killed from this infection each year. This infection can cause anemia which stops the blood flow to the brain. Malaria also leads to comas and seizures. If the infection is not treated properly, then it will kill you. Malaria is transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito. The parasite makes it's way into the body and goes to the liver where it multiplies. The Malaria No More organization is working on ending this crisis altogether.


Tests are improving with making sure people get the right treatment. Artemisinin-based treatments are the number one treatment for Malaria. They cure a child in only three days for just one dollar. Mosquito nets are helping to cover people at night so they cannot get bitten. Organizations, like the CDC, around the world are working on vaccines and availability for those vaccines. These vaccines produce antibodies that fight the virus. Malaria is an extremely harmful disease and people are improving the solution every day.