The Three little Zombie Pigs

By Blake

Once upon a time there lived little Red Riding Hood and the three little pigs. They lived very happily in their small cottage. But one day they went to a cafe` and had some coffee. A naughty witch put a poison in the coffee to make people turn into zombies and one of the pigs drank it. When the pigs and red riding hood got home they watched TV then they went to bed. But then the first little pig got up in the middle of the night and went out side. Then suddenly he turned into a zombie and ran away.

In the morning the 2 other pigs and red riding hood woke up and they saw that the first little pig was gone! so they looked everywhere but they couldn’t find him. After that They looked on the news and found out he was a Zombie. So they went to doctor wolf’s lab and asked him how he could of turned into a Zombie. Doctor wolf asked them about the last place they were at before they went home. So the 2 little pig’s and red riding hood showed doctor wolf where they were. Then doctor wolf got out some of his tools and looked in the kitchen but he couldn’t find anything! But when he put his X - ray vision goggles on he could see Zombie poison. So then he took the zombie poison to his testing labs and tested it on a chicken but the same thing happened and it ran away. So then they decided to go look for the zombie pig tomorrow. The second little pig disagreed and went to look for the first little pig in the middle of the night without telling the others. When red riding hood and the third little pig was asleep he went to look for the first little pig but when he found the first little pig he turned into a a Zombie. So then the two Zombie pigs went to their house and turned the third little pig into a zombie as well. Red riding hood called Doctor wolf to come and follow the three little pigs to their hideout. When they got there Red riding hood and doctor wolf walked in. There were lots of traps but they managed to the main part of the castle where the witch was sitting and shot her. They grabbed the cure and stabbed it into the pigs to cue them. Later the 3 little pigs doctor wolf and red riding hood went back home and lived happily ever after.


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