School Newsletter - 08 September

Endeavour School - September 8th, 2022

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Principal's Message

Good afternoon parents, caregivers, children and wider community,

Last Thursday it was lovely to see many families turn up and engage in our Open Learning Afternoon to share and celebrate the progress our children have been making in Mathematics, as well as gaining a wider perspective in what Mathematics looks like and sounds like within our learning spaces.

However, in addition to the above there is another significant benefit with having your presence at these afternoons and that is the connection and interest that you are showing your children in their learning. They genuinely love being able to share a snippet of their day with you and we know this as the excitement the children display in the build up to the afternoon is present throughout the morning of.

As a place of learning and people, we are aware of the levers that we have to help influence, support and grow these connections across our families. So in short, thank you. Thank you for supporting us, turning up, being present (whatever that looks like for you as a family) and allowing us to do so.

If I could leave you with the below whakatauki.

"He tina ki runga, he tāmore ki raro"

"In order to flourish above, one must be firmly rooted below"

Warm regards


Key Dates:

Please see below the key dates for Term 3. These can also be found on our APP under the Calendar button.

  • Monday 19th September - BoT Meeting (School Staffroom)
  • Thursday 22nd September - School Disco
  • Thursday 22nd September - Hero Posts will go live
  • Friday 30th September - End of Term 3


Kiss and Drop Reminder

Our Kiss and Drop zone in the front of the school runs smoothly when we are all using it in the correct way, but unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in parked cars in the morning! A reminder to all our community that from 8.30 am - 9 am every morning this is a no parking area. If you need to come into the office or walk your children to their classes please park on the roadside.

Expressions of Interest - Out of Zone Ballot for Term One and Two 2023

Endeavour School is now accepting Expressions of Interest for our Out of Zone Priority Ballot being held this term. If you have moved out of zone, and you have a child who is eligible (turning 5 years old) to start school in Term One or Term Two, 2023 and they have a current sibling/s at Endeavour School, please show your interest by emailing

Please visit the following links to view our enrolment zone and enrolment form.

Zone Map:

Enrolment Form:

Please be aware this does not affect students already attending Endeavour School but it does preclude siblings wanting to start in the foreseeable future.

The ballot process is run twice a year. If you have a child who will need to be balloted, please fill out an online enrolment form (found here) for them and make contact with the office well in advance so that they can apply to be in the correct ballot.

A reminder also to those who are in zone with children coming up to schooling age to please fill out an enrolment form as soon as possible so we have ample time to arrange transitional visits for them.


We are excited to announce that Endeavour School has made the move over to Kindo for all online payments and transactions.

This means that Kindo will now be your one-stop shop for all school-related payments, including purchasing school uniform, stationery packs, and fundraising items alongside registering for school sports and paying fee's and school donations.

Our old Spike Online School Shop is now no longer active.

New users can click on the link below to set up their family myKindo account.

For more detailed information regarding Kindo, please refer to the Hero email that was sent out last week.


Whats Been Happening?

Miss Edwards Market Group

What an amazing few terms it’s been working with these Explorers, Citizens, and Thinkers!

The Market Group was put together to give a group of tamariki the opportunity to explore what it takes to be successful small businesspeople.

This group has been investigating how to be entrepreneurs, so have explored:

  • what they could make
  • the costs of making their item
  • the resources they need
  • how to make the items themselves
  • statistics on appropriate sale prices
  • advertising in order to make posters and safety labels for the items

Tuesday afternoon was a great success, all candles sold out in 10 minutes!

Well done amazing ETC learners!

Ke te whakapehapeha ahau ki a koe!

Miss Edwards

LC1 and LC2 - Enjoying their rainbow garden of spring bulbs currently blooming out the front

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Its Been Noisy in LC2!

LC2 has been investigating music during Build Me on Mondays - we have made our own musical instruments and created soundscapes with them.

LC3's Europe Inspired Art

LC3 has been incredibly busy this week. While learning about Europe during Provocations, our students produced many pieces of art. Clay models of Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower, royal crowns for our queens, handling money from Britain, and making Big Ben with Lego. Truly memorable moments were made for those students sharing the specialness of their own culture.

Fractions With Food and Persuasive Writing in LC4!

On Thursday in Mrs Wrigley's Numeracy Workshop we explored fractions, what better way to explore fractions than to make sandwiches!

We designed our dream sandwiches, and we had to have a different topping on half of the bread, and a new topping on each of the remaining quarters.

We have also been doing some AMAZING persuasive writing, here are a few examples:

Why you should come to Endeavour School

You should come to Endeavour school because we have a very good environment and so much LOVELY TEACHERS! You could visit this school and I bet you’ll love these teachers! We also have a very gigantic and huge classrooms! In Endeavour school, the word “etc” have a very special meaning “e for explorer, t for thinker and c for citizen. Also we have three lovely breaks . Lunch, Morning tea and healthy snacks. Last but not least, we have provocations which you can learn about a lot of things like Countries, Emotions, Fashion and more!! We have tote trays and lots of devices. The PE shed is very very fun. This is why you should come to Endeavour School. The end

By Tina

Why you should visit Endeavour School

Today I'm going to persuade you about Endeavour School. At Endeavour School you can learn lots of new things like the universe and many more things that you will love. Endeavour School has lots of amazing events for different occasions like fathers day we were making cards and we also did the fun run which was as fun as going on a go-kart. Finally, at break time you can play on the playground, which is my favourite and you can play games like tag, hide and seek, manhunt and even floors lava on the playground and there is a disco coming up and it will be as exciting as I’m going to James house for an amazing playdate.

By Aayush

Why LC4 is the best!

Lc4 is the best because you have supportive teachers like Mrs Wriglely, Mrs Singh and Miss Searancke. You have fun things to do like p.e, reading/writing and maths. You can make helpful friends and Lc4 has a mini library which also has poems like booms a daisy. We have beautiful teachers that are beautiful as a princess. There are devices and Mrs Wriglely’s chess club. We have 3d shapes and cookie pads that are light as a feather. There is provocations and people from around the world and bean bags.

By James

Whats Been Happening in LC5

LC5 took the opportunity to get out some energy and increase our heart rates with some Jump Jam in the hall. The energy and enthusiasm from the tamariki was awesome!
It is great to have a covered space to move our bodies on a wet day.

Some of Mrs Toombs's Mathematics group 'crossed the river' to work on their collaboration, communication and problem-solving. We had a great time getting outside and practicing what it means to find success as a team.

Friends of Endeavour PTA

The next Friends of Endeavour PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday the 13th of September at 7 pm in the staffroom. All are welcome to attend!

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Thank you to everyone who has supported the Whittakers Chocolate fundraiser, we have sold 240 boxes so far!

We would appreciate all outstanding payments being made this week. Please make the online payments with the following reference.

  • Bank account 12-3171-0061610-00
  • Amount $72
  • Particulars Whittakers
  • Code Oldest child’s name
  • Reference Ako Group

The PTA are no longer onsite for scheduled returns of chocolate or collection of cash however if you have any questions or concerns please email

Thanks for your support

Friends of Endeavour PTA

Community Notices

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2022 Term Dates

Term Three: Monday 25th July 2022 - Friday 30th September 2022

Term Four: Monday 17th October 2022 - Friday 16th December 2022