Welcome Back! Boyd Bulletin

Volume 2 - August 17-21

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Welcome Back to School!

Mark Your Calendars

August 12 - September 1 - During the first 3 Weeks of School all students will participate in At Home Learning.

September 2 - Allen ISD plans for students who have chosen In-Person Learning to return to campus, and students who have chosen At-Home Learning to continue to learn from home.

September 7 - Chipotle PTA Spirit Night

Complete the Beginning of School Year Forms

Please log-n to Skyward and complete the beginning of the school year forms. It is critical to have updated contact information, including email, for teachers to communicate with parents and for parents to access their child's Google Classroom. https://www.allenisd.org/Domain/73

Back to School Forms Information

At Home or In Person Reminder

At this time, changes to the educational setting for students are not being made until the end of the first nine weeks of school. The change window deadline of July 29 was set so that the District could plan for each student and meet their needs during the first nine weeks of the school year, allowing AISD to provide for staffing and other resources.

There will be defined opportunities built into the school year where changes can be made to the educational setting. The next opportunity will be at the end of the first nine weeks of school, which falls on October 9. More information will be sent to all parents prior to mid-September with information about the process to request a change from in-person to online instruction or vice versa.

WiFi - Hot Spot Needed

If you do not have WiFi, please complete the following form requesting a Hot Spot.


Zoom Do's & Don'ts For Parents

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How Do I See the School Counselor?

Welcome to 2020-21 school year. Please know, that I am happy and ready to assist your child in any way! Feel free to reach out to me. Once I have your request, I will reach out to you by phone or Zoom. This link will give you access to select a time. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Google Classroom Resources

At Home Learning Schedule

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At Home Learning and In Person Learning

At the beginning of the year, all families were asked to select At Home Learning or In Person Learning for the first 9 weeks of school. All students will participate in At Home Learning for the first 3 week, and after that time, those that selected In Person Learning will return to the school building for instruction, and those that selected At Home Learning will continue learning at home. After the first 9 weeks, parents will be able to continue with their original selection or change their learning format selection.

Please go to the Allen ISD web for further information. https://www.allenisd.org/Page/58559

Curbside Meal Service

In light of increased safety and social distancing standards, Student Nutrition will offer curbside meal service providing meal bundles two times per week for Allen ISD students (K-12) at five school locations.

Curbside meals must be purchased as a complete bundle, and cannot be purchased separately. Meal Bundle Prices and information regarding Free/Reduced eligibility is provided below.

Pick-up Schedule:

  • First week of school, meals (2 Breakfasts and 2 Lunches) will be offered on Wednesday, August 12 and on Friday, August 14 at the Tuesday Meal Bundle Prices below.
  • After the first week, curbside meals will be offered on Tuesdays (2 Breakfasts and 2 Lunches) and Thursdays (3 Breakfasts and 3 Lunches).

All meal bundles will be priced according to the student’s eligibility. Parents and/or students may pick up the meal bundles by scanning their student’s ID Card or providing their student’s ID number. ID Cards and lanyards were distributed at the time of material & device pickup. You can apply for Free and Reduce Meals on line at https://www.allenisd.org/Page/50163 A paper application for Free and Reduced Meals was also provided during the materials/device distribution.

To help ensure a smooth purchasing process, please ensure that there is adequate funding to your child’s PayPams account or purchase meal bundles using cash or check. If using cash or check, deposit at one of the 5 curbside meal station in an envelope with your child’s name and ID number. Meals can be purchased at any of the five locations (1 bundle per student per day).

The five Allen ISD school locations for curbside meal pick up are

1. Boyd Elementary, 800 Jupiter Rd, Allen, TX 75002

2. Rountree Elementary, 800 E. Main St., Allen, TX 75002

3. Reed Elementary, 1200 Rivercrest Blvd., Allen TX 75002

4. Lindsey Elementary, 5730 Wilford Dr., McKinney, TX 75070

5. Ereckson Middle School, 450 Tatum Dr., Allen, TX 75013

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Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer

The state of Texas has extended the deadline to apply for a one-time food benefit, Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT), for families who lost access to free or reduced-price meals due to school closures.

  • Texas families now have until Aug. 21 to apply for the Pandemic EBT card, which pays $285 for each student who received free and reduced-price meals.
  • P-EBT food benefits are for children who received SNAP food benefits for March 2020 and children who are certified for free or reduced-price school meals during the 2019-2020 Texas school year. For more information, visit: hhs.texas.gov/PEBT

Allen ISD Resources for Families

As we prepare to begin the 2020 – 2021 school year, Allen ISD has compiled additional resources for our families. These resources are available on the Allen ISD website and can be accessed through the following links:

The COVID-19 Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Procedures outline the current procedures our campuses will have in place to prevent or mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and how to respond if a positive case is identified.

The Academic Information for Families webpage provides instructional information and resources related to In-Person and At-Home learning models, digital learning tools, and academic supports. All students will begin the first day of school on August 12 participating in At-Home Learning. This specific content will be helpful as you and your student prepare for the start of school:

  1. Weekly Learning Plans - an overview of the learning objectives, activities, and due dates
  2. Instructional Roles and Expectations – a list of learning and teaching expectations for students, parents, and teachers
  3. Student Attendance – process for recording attendance through daily engagement measures while participating in At-Home Learning
  4. Digital Learning Tools – resources to help students learn how to access and use:
    • Google Classroom and Seesaw (for elementary students)

    • Canvas (for secondary students)

    • Google Meet and Zoom (video conferencing platforms for virtual learning interactions)

Technology Information

The Allen ISD Web provides great resources for Tech Support. https://www.allenisd.org/domain/5548

Log-in information:

Your student needs to log on to the Portal portal.allenisd.org. Students will use their ID number as their password to log-in to the portal. If they are not able to log-in, please contact the classroom teacher. We will need to have their password reset.


Trouble Shooting Technology:

This link is intended to support parents when the technology is not working correctly. Please do not submit questions about picking up devices. Parents may submit their technology questions here: https://allenisd.on.spiceworks.com/portal

Alton Boyd Elementary School


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Principal: Judith Coffman

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Asst. Principal: Wendy Williams

Office Staff

Secretary: Elaine Gamboa

Registration: Gabby Villegas

Receptionist: Ale Reyes

Nurse: Terry Phillips

Counselor: Patricia Chavez

CARE: Marisol Puterbaugh

Campus Intervention Specialist (CIS): Yessica Schessler

PTA President: April Cheney

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