The Circulatory System

Luke Bechard

The Location of Orgain Systems in the Body System

Each Organ System has it's own parts. For me i did the Circulatory System. Also shown in the banner above. In the body system the Circulatory System would be located in none other than the heart.

Functions for Blood Vessels

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that supplies essential substances and nutrients, such as sugar,oxygen, and hormones to our cells, and carries waste away from those cells, this waste is eventually flushed out of the body in urine, sweet, and lungs. in other words it makes oxygen and disposes the carbon dioxide through urine and sweet. Blood is also consisted of a fluid consisting of plasma. The Blood Vessel a tubular structure carrying blood through the tissues and organs, like the vein, artery, and or capillary.

White Blood Cells

The white blood cells are a big part of the body, so i decided to make a slide dedicated to it. the white blood cells are the most important part of your immune system. Because the white blood cells help fight of the foreign invaders and infectious diseases. the White blood cells are like the gate keepers of a palace. trying to defend the capital of their homeland

The 4 functions of the System

One of the functions of the system is that the heart directs blood where to go. Second, the heart directs the way blood is distributed among the body. Third, it oversees the processes of oxygen being produced, and carbon dioxide released through the body. Fourth, the heart also has control of the way white blood cells are taking out infections and foreign invaders.

The Types of Muscle Tissue

Cardiac Muscle Tissue. Cardiac muscle tissue is an extremely specialized form of muscle tissue that has evolved to pump blood throughout the body. In fact, Cardiac muscle is only found in the heart and makes up the bulk of the heart's mass.

3 Additional Types of Cardiac Muscle Tissue

First it makes up most of the muscle tissue. Second it flows through the body. Third it is and extremely different type of muscle tissue

If Any Organs Were Missisng

Now this was the kicker what if blood vessels were missing? well this would be a problem for us. Blood would not circulate so we would die. No blood no oxygen so that would be a bummer. No white blood cells grater chance of dying from a serious infection and invaders also. and no blood pumped, so strap your seat belts because you cant take of on a plane to much gx. gy. and gz.