Sunday Synergy



This Week

12/18- Winter Orchestra Concert, 10;30am

12/19- Movie Day (note change of date!)


Teaching & Learning

No Professional Development this Week- Enjoy your Parent Conferences!

F & P Data- 70% Participation Rate- We are on our way!

Overall 70% of Glenview students were assessed on the F&P and scanned into the data system. Our initial goal this year was 100% of K-5 and all struggling 4/5.

We will be increasing our goal every time we assess as this will help us to track our kids growth and progress over the years.

Work with Linda if your percentage is not what you expected (could be a scanning issue, could be a new student that entered after assessments were scanned) . Kindergarten students are not captured as they were not scanned for the Fall, but I know that 100% of Kinders were assessed already this year!

Alexander: 100% (not scanned)

Collins: 100% (not scanned)

Havenar 100% (not scanned)

Granda: 100%

Lemon: 100%

Plambeck: 100%

Jacobsen: 100% scanned

Sullivan: 100% scanned

Witte: 96.2% scanned

Wong: 96% scanned

Ross: 100% scanned

Miller: 100% scanned

Smith: 94% scanned

Anderson: 29% scanned

Brouhard; 0% scanned

Wolfe: 0% scanned

Litt: 0% scanned

Report Card Comments still Due!

Still need Report Card comments to review from:

Anderson, Smith, Miller, Jacobsen, Wolfe, Brouhard, & Litt

These need to be to me by Monday AM so I can review Monday night!

Welcome Ms. Aja!

Ms. Aja is joining us as our new STIP sub. who will be helping with technology prep, gardening and conflict resolution to roll out in 2016. Ms. Aja has a background in global studies and traveled all over the world. She received her MA at the University of London, has taught high schoolers in Nicaragua and has facilitated Global Connection workshops in Oakland public schools on modern day slavery and the Vietnam War. We are excited to have Aja join our team!

Need a few more chaperones!

Thanks to:

Ms. Brouhard

Ms. Jacobsen

Mr. Litt

Ms. Kaye

Mr. Miller

Ms. Morgan (pending!)

Anyone else interested?

When: May 27-29

Where: Naturebridge Science Camp,

Who: Any Glenview staff willing to chaperone!

Let Chelsea know by 12/19!

Operations & Logistics

Interim Housing Input Meeting- You are Invited

Share your priorities for interim housing! Come to the Meeting this week or in January or Discuss with your Interim Housing Reps (Mrs. Wong, Mrs. Ratto, and Ms. Morgan)-

It seems a long way off now, but in less than four years, Glenview students and staff will be enjoying their beautiful new school facility. In order to get there, we will temporarily move together, as a community, to an interim school site for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. As you know, OUSD has identified two options for Glenview's interim site: Lakeview Elementary or Santa Fe Elementary. Based on its proximity to Glenview, Lakeview was identified as the recommended 1st option for Glenview's interim site.

However, that recommendation is not yet final and we need your input. OUSD and Glenview’s interim housing committee would like as much community input as possible to ensure the final recommendation reflects the values and priorities of a majority of Glenview families. We are asking K-3 families (those who will be affected by the move) and teachers to help.

December 16th at 6:00 pm
Saturday, January 10th at 9:00 am

The programs will be the same so you only need to attend one. Childcare and meals will be available at both meetings.

Please RSVP on Big Tent for meals, childcare, and translation

Thank you for participating in this important process!

Questions? Comments? Please contact Heather Imboden, community engagement facilitator, at Project updates are available at

Welcome Coach Montel

Many of you met our new Heroes Coach Montel last week, I will continue to introduce him to staff on Monday when he is officially joining us.

Montel is born and raised in Oakland and attended Oakland Public Schools. He LOVES sports of all kinds so he will be an awesome addition to our playground. Please welcome him to Glenview!

PE will resume this week!

Rainy Day Reminders

Looks like more rain this week!

Please check your rainy day schedule and follow it closely so that we can get everyone through the cafeteria in a timely fashion.

Ms. Erica is the Rainy Day Schedule coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns, please check in with her!

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

Snowballs for 100 tix!

Come Claim your 100 Ticket Snowball this week to put on my door!

Congrats to Ms. Smith who has already shared that her class has hit the target!

Work with your grade level to coordinate for Friday's Movie.

Fifth Grade girls will sell popcorn to classes during the movie for 50 cents.

Looking Ahead- Readathon

Readathon will begin on 2/20

Begin thinking about what incentive might help your students meet their reading goals. Mr. Miller shaves his head ever year. Last year I ate a bug and kissed a slug and will plan to kiss a snake this year.

Get creative!

Safety First

Yard Duty!

Please report to yard duty on time and pick up your students after each recess. Unsupervised students lead to unsafe conditions and behavior incidents. We need your help to prevent problems.

Technology Tidbits

Ipads- K/1

We will be giving our iPads to Kindergarten to finish out each class having enough for a complete center. Kinders will not be participating in the technology prep. so this will allow our youngest students to have access to technology on a regular basis.

I know that first grade also would like more iPads to compete a center for their classrooms. We are working with PTA to see if there will be funding in 2016 for this need.