Have your Best Month Ever!!

Can you Have your Best Month Yet??

Whether it is your best month in sales or you personally sponsor the most new stylists ever or BOTH, NOW is the time to go for it and BEAT IT!! It will put fire into your business that will continue to burn throughout the summer!!


THREE gals will be entered to win the grande prizes!

A $25 gift card to Lululemon

A $50 gift card to Anthropology

A $75 gift card to Tory Burch

Beat your best in SALES AND SPONSORING and get TWO entries!!!!

Flash prizes throughout the month, too!

Beat your best at either Sales OR Sponsoring and register for HOOPLA by May 30th and get an extra entry!!

Michael Jackson - Beat It | Immortal Version


Set Your Goal!

1. Go to the Lounge and click on My Reports. Click on your business dashboard and click on HISTORY in the upper right hand corner. Take a peek at each month between April 2015 and May 2014 to see what your BEST in SALES and your BEST in SPONSORED STYLISTS number is.

Welcome new stylists! Is April your first month?

Then YOU can BEAT IT just by qualifying (selling $500) and get TWO entries if you sell $1000! Sponsor? You can get a THIRD entry!

2. Trace your hand on a white piece of paper and WRITE DOWN your current best! You can choose to share and declare proud and loud the sales number you need to beat, the sponsoring number you need to beat, or BOTH! (never sponsored - list a big bad ZERO and if you sponsor ONE you have beaten your best!) New stylists - write JUST STARTED! on your white hand!

3. Post a picture of your hand on our Heart of Gold page under the Pinned Post.

4. When you BEAT IT - post another picture of you with your "white glove" staying "I BEAT IT" with your NEW personal best in sales or sponsoring!!!!

5. Get another entry by registering for HOOPLA! Early Bird ends TOMORROW!

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