Ms. Wold's World News

News and Updates From 2nd Grade

What We Learned This Week

Reading and Science - We spent the week with the book Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights by Debbie S. Miller. The book goes through the year explaining the light cycle in Alaska as well as the way animals adapt to the change in seasons. We also started collecting data on the sunrise and sunset times in Anchorage. We will collect data over the next few weeks then create graphs and analyze (answer questions about) them.

Writing - We are getting ready to publish our stories! This week we learned about the different editing marks and went through and edited our stories. We are currently in the process of completing our final drafts. Once we are finished with our final copies we will have an Author's Tea (with hot cocoa) and share our stories with the class.

Math - We continued to work on basic addition and subtraction facts and relationships. We will be taking our unit test next Friday.

Social Studies - We jumped in a started reading out of our Social Studies text. We read and answered questions about what parts of Anchorage are natural and what parts are man made. We also began discussing maps and how they are used

Wish List

  • Mugs - I would love for each kiddo to have a mug here at school for our Author Teas. We will label them and return them at the end of the year.
  • Astrobrights Paper - Homework and classwork are so much more fun when they are copied on bright colors. I bought a few packs at the beginning of the year but I'm almost out.

A Note From Ms. Wold

The kiddos did a great job for our substitute yesterday! The note I got said that they were respectful and worked hard. I am very proud of them!