BAPS Sunday Focus

Week 9 Term 1 2016

Big Week....

Thank you to everyone for your flexibility and team first mentality during our Parent and Teacher conferences. These conferences offer the chance for many of our parents who may not normally involve themselves in school life to discuss the progress of their children.
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Surveys are important to our whole school evaluation and your opinion is valid. Can all staff please take the time to share their thoughts via the surveys. I will endeavour to make them as short as possible.

We have 2 surveys attached this week.

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We have the option of 'cashing in' our Term 4 staff development days. This would involve all staff being involved in professional learning in afternoons to a total of 6 hours per day. Could all staff, teaching and SASS, please complete the survey below. If you have any questions please ask.
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Each year our school funding is allocated and reflected in our school plan. Occasionally funding will be allocated mid-year but this is rare. If you have an initiative that you believe has merit and requires an allocation of funding please be mindful that this must link to our strategic direction and staff PDPs.
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Could all teaching staff please take the time to complete the survey about the Parent Teacher conferences. Only one response is required per class. The responses will help shape the way we coordinate these conferences in the future.
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Smith Family

The Smith Family has supported our community for the last few years and have asked if they can be involved again this year.

They contribute in 2 ways-

The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Scholarship Program currently provides financial support to 27 of our families in need. If more families can be included they will let me know and I will ask for your recommendations of families in need.

Reading Club with staff members. The reading club currently runs in terms 2 and 3 and involves volunteers working with students on reading and homework tasks.

This program requires a teacher to be responsible and available for one day a week to supervise the program. It is not possible for the program to run without a teacher involved. If any of our teaching staff would like to be involved can you let me know.


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Teaching Standards in Action

In response to all staff working towards or maintaining accreditation in the future the DoE has released a website to provide information. Take the time to have a look.

Interesting article on Homework...

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Have a great week!

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