Back to the Future 2030

by Jordan Pfeifer

Vision Technologies

  • Apple is currently working on contacts that are computerized. They will allow you to be online and also be looking at the world at the same time, creating endless possibilities! These lenses are actually solar-powered and can tell you our body temperature, blood pressure, and many things about your surrounding environment. The lenses would also be able to send information to other electronic devices.
  • There is also a prediction for another type of contact lenses. These lenses will push your eyes to seeing everything in the highest resolution possible, and let you read a book, watch a movie, or check your messages without opening your eyes! The high resolution will help with picking out fine details in things that many could've missed.
  • In 2030, there might also be visors that allow you to place whatever you want right in front of you, allowing creative minds to express themselves. Although it will be just an illusion, imagining a building or an event could be helpful in working out small details. Streets, houses and sidewalks could be full of aliens and other fictional characters.
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  • Nike has unveiled shoe that actually can tie it’s own laces! It looks a lot like the self-tying shoes they used in Back To The Future that Marty McFly wore. Called “Air Mags” Nike predicts they will be for sale in 2016. Although they do not instantly and magically fit around the wearer's foot, there are built in lights that can glow up to four hours, and the most challenging thing is that there is no battery pack or wire running out of them!
  • There will also be video tatoos, like temporary tattoos, but they will have an electronic display. There might also be electronic makeup, making one touch transform our face. This could create many ways of changing our makeup throughout your day based on how you are feeling.
  • Polymer gel muscles could be an amazing exoskeleton, giving you superhuman powers such as jumping between buildings, amazing strength, and many other superpowers.
  • Active skin is also possible. Any sensation you get that touches your skin you will be able to replay as many times as you like. If you like a silk going through your fingers, you will be able to get that feeling again and again.
  • Many computers will be so small they will be unnoticed. Computers keep getting smaller and smaller, so chances are that eventually there will be computers in our clothes, fashion accessories, and so much more!

Computers & Other Technologies

  • There are already self-driving cars, but only to a certain degree. Some predictions think that almost all cars will be driverless, and not only that, but planes, buses, and trains will also be driverless.

  • Many buildings and items of food will be printed, says

  • Dream-linking will be possible-a.k.a. being able to monitor you while you sleep. Special fibers will be built into pillows that can tell you if a person is dreaming, and maybe even what they are dreaming about.

  • Some people believe that by 2030 there will be full connections between brains and computers, meaning that our brains could directly access the internet and other online sources.

  • Smart yogurt will create millions of processors in computers, making it possible to create vastly superhuman intelligence in computers.

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World & Life Changing Technologies

  • Some people think that by 2030 we will have a way to immortality. Our brains will gradually become only part of our minds, and the rest will be stored elsewhere. When you die, you can choose and android body and continue living. Immortality, is also a big leap. It has been predicted before, and there is no proven research that immortality will actually be possible any time in the future.
  • says that there will be a very high-scale version of ocean water purification, and many places will be drinking purified ocean water.

  • There will also be lab-grown meat. Google has already successfully done this with cow meat, and it is very possible that this could be a main source of food in 2030.