Sophie Lind

Background Information

The name of this organization is GirlFORWARD. GirlFORWARD mentors adolescent refugee girls. They supply them with education, give them opportunities for them to take charge, and gives the girls a strong base of support. In 2010 when Blair Brettschneider moved to Chicago she started this program. She wanted to be able to help and give the girls anything she had to offer.

Warren Buffett vs. Blair Brettschneider

Their differences and similarities between social entrepreneur Blair Brettschneider and entrepreneur Warren Buffett. First off, GirlFORWARD is only specified to girls and help them improve their lifestyle. They give one on one contact in service. Warren Buffett also helps improve the companies but he is not there to give them a strong base.


A girl named Domi moved to the US at age 16 with her mother and six siblings. She didn't speak English, and struggled to adapt to her new world. Later on after getting to know to Domi, Blair help her to get to know the basics of the world and helped her through everything then on.