Getting Started


By: S. Keith

Primary Information

  • Exhibition round starts next week in order to recruit new student participants and for practice.
  • Coaches Role: Backbone of the competition
  • Events are completed in one consecutive 6 hour competition period

This webinar was held live by CyberPatriot. The link to the webinar was sent to me through email, but what was readable and where the link took me was actually two different places, so it took me a while to find out exactly where the webinar was actually taking place. As I am a new coach to CyberPatriot, I am learning this information for the first time, but the information in the webinar was given in a way that made me feel like an outsider entering into a private club. There were three or four different presenters and they all had specific parts in the webinar. It was obvious that some were more prepared than others. One presenter showed a screencapture that was outdated. Overall, the webinar went very well and moved along at a good pace.

Secondary Information

The July Meeting Presentation Slides

The slides from the July meeting may be found here:'Meeting_9_10_July_2013.pdf Information regarding the role of the coach, team recruitment, structure of the competitive events, and the upcoming exhibition round are included.

Effingham County CyberPatriot Information

Effingham County High School South Effingham High School

Coach: Gregg Miles Coach: Justin Keith

Mentor: Noel Webb Mentor: DJ Roberson

CyberPatriot--Have YOU Got What It Takes?
CyberPatriot: America's Biggest High School Cyber Game
CyberPatriot: Preparing Tomorrow's Cyber Leaders Today

CyberPatriot Training Materials

As with just about anything these days, you can do a YouTube search for Cyberpatriot to find videos and tutorials people have created to help others learn more about CyberPatriot and we encourage you to do so, but students wishing to be on the CyberPatriot team will need to learn the information found in the training materials here:

1. What You Will Learn and need to know (Cyber Patriot)
2. Vmware (Cyber Patriot)
3. Files and what not (Cyber Patriot)
4. All about OS's (Cyber Patriot)
Ip and networking 5.1 (Cyber Patriot)
Ip and networking 5.2 (Cyber Patriot)
How to use WireShark (Cyber Patriot)