The Fantastic Florida Exploration

Arielle Shendell

The first day of our exploration is on the water in Key West

Today is our first day of our adventure. We are going on the water to go snorkeling. We are super excited to see all of the beautiful coral reefs and fish that live under the blue water. We are going to see the Seven Mile Bridge before we get to the reef, this bridge takes people from Miami to Key West.

Day 2 of our exploration...our hot day in Miami

We are starting our day at the Miami Children Museum. We are going to learn all about Dinosaur fossils. The Museum is so big, they have started construction for a bigger one. We will have lunch at Bongos Cuban Cafe, it is the restaurant at the AAA arena, where the Miami Heat play. They are almost in the finals, I hope they win.

Day 3 of our exploration...Everglades National Park

Today we are going to visit Everglades National Park. This is a treasure in Florida. Here we are going on an air boat ride to see all of the different animals that call this park home. There are birds, fish, alligators and Florida Panthers, I am told the air boat is really loud, I hope I can see an alligator.
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Day 4 of our exploration...the sandy white beaches of Naples

Today is going to be a hot one. We are going to see the white sandy beaches of Naples. They have the most beautiful shells. I hope I can get a bucket full to take home. We are going to spend the day on in the ocean and then watch the sun set. Naples is on the West Coast of Florida so the sun sets in the west. It is suppose to be colorful.
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Day 5 of our exploration...The State Capital, Tallahasseee

Today we are going to see the State Capital building. This building was built in 1826 and never completed, they started and stopped many times. This building houses the offices for the Governor, The State Supreme Court, The State House of Representatives, and the State Senate. This building looks like the Capital Building in Washington D.C. I have been to Washington before and this is just as beautiful.
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