to the Washington Campus Compact VISTA program


We’ve put together this flyer to help guide you on your path to becoming a VISTA. Please review it carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Get to know us

If you haven't already please check out our web page, especially the program management section.

Currently, everything is geared towards the 2011-'12 program year, but you may find the VISTA members page helpful in learning more.

So add it to you bookmarks now, and check back for updates in the month ahead!

Help us get to know you

We don’t mean to pry… We just want to get to know you! We also want to make sure that we have your most current contact information and get a better understanding of why you chose to be part of our team.

So please take a moment and fill out this brief survey.

Apply for Food Benefits

Many VISTAs opt to apply for food benefits while in-service. To find out more, check out our 'How-To' guide.

To start the application process right now, click HERE

My AmeriCorps.gov

You used it apply to become a VISTA and accpet the job offer - but your use will not end there. Your AmeriCorps.gov portal page is your #1 resource for all things AmeriCorps related.

From there you can:

  • Access you member health benefits
  • Edit direct deposit information / view earning statements
  • Create loan forbearance requests
  • Generate a "Currently Serving Letter" (necessary for most types of public assistance)
  • and much more!

VISTA Campus

While you will definitely hear more about this site at PSO, we invite you to check out this great resource for all things VISTA.

You may not be able to sign up for an account just yet, but you are able to 'enter as a guest' and take a look around.

Moving to Serve

If you are moving to serve, please review this fact sheet from AmeriCorps - it explains what type of travel reimbursements you can expect.

Every situation is unique, so please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.