Why Did Aunt Elda Die?

Did Anesthesia Kill Her?

What is the point of this lab?

Aunt Elda was under the influence of anesthesia and we needed to find out if the doctor used to much on her. The acceptable amount is a 40% solution, anything above is dangerous. We did experiments to figure this out.

How did we figure this out?

We all made samples of "anesthesia" with a certain amount of solute and solvent. To make a solution of 30%. Let's say that you add 3 ML of solute to the mixture, and 7 ML of solvent, you would then have a 30% solution of whatever materials you are using.
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Beer's Law

Beer's law is how the the light can move through a certain object. We used a colorimeter and cuvette's to test different percentages of anesthesia.

What do the different percantages compared to each other?

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So what does this data tell us?

We believe that anesthesia is the cause of Aunt Elda's death, for she received more than the healthy amount. She received about a 54% solution of anesthesia, which is far too much for it to be healthy.