My dream destination to


The things we will be doing is Hiking, Camping 5 night near mount McKinley
and exploring what we come across like the mystical woods in the capital of Alaska (Juneau) we will also be kayaking on the Six Mile Creek in the Chugach National Forest. we will continue our kayaking to the ocean to see whales. round trip it will cost 1,727 and for all the other expenses we would expecting to pay 4,000 for the whole trip inducing one night stay in a hotel plus food. We are bringing our own gear to camp and hike so that is not included in the whole 4,000. We would be coming back the 26th of March. Happy Trails


Friday, March 14th, 5am

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Fairbanks, AK

Hike, Kayak, and Camp

Camp 5 days near Mt. McKinely

HIke around camp and explore new things

Kayak six mile creek in Chugach National Forest

Kayak in the Kenai Peninsula

Return home

HD Northern Lights timelapse, Eureka, Alaska March 2013