Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

By: Daniel Nusraty

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)

In his early life, Mozart had a very strong compassion for music. At the age of four, he learned how to play harpsichord and by five, he started to write music. A the young age of just six years old, he played the harpsichord for the Empress of Austria. Not much long later, he started touring the world. The people called him "Child Prodigy".
W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter" in C major (Harnoncourt)

Symphony No. 41 (Also Known as "Jupiter")

This musical piece, was one of he last Mozart ever created. It displays a series of ups, downs, and movements. The instruments collide with other instruments to make a perfect symphony that musicians and people all around he world today think is one of the best ever created.
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Where Mozart Lived

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. We know hat his father Leopold was a musician who played the violin and his sister Maria Anna accompanied him on his tours. He was rarely in Austria, Mozart was touring so much he moved to other places to write and preform his music.

Known Music

Much music was composed by Mozart. He produced over 600 pieces that included dance music, concertos, sonatas, operas, and symphonies. Some of his famous pieces included: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Le Nozze di Figaro, and Don Giovanni.

Other Information

Mozart was very poor when he died, he did not know how to spend his money at the time. The night before a piece was played he threw a big party or had a lot of friends and family come over. This resulted in a cheap funeral for him and had an impact on his family because they were penniless.


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