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Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier was elected as president in 1957, but by 1964 had given himself the title of lifelong president. He died in 1971 where his son took over as the 41st president. He ruled with ignorance. He used extortion and a brutal armed force to get things done and do what he wanted. He killed anyone that got in his way to maintain his power. He never traveled outside of the country and rarely left the palace when he did he would bring a tommy gun and a wad of money to get his way around the town with no problems. When he died in 1971 his son Jean took over he was only 19 years of age. His nickname is baby doc. His time in office lasted until 1986. After increased cooperation with the United States and reducing media censorship in the country and oppositions forced him to exile to the country of France in 1986.

Papa Doc

He was born in Port au Prince and lived there his whole life.

As a young child, Duvalier had to suffer the humiliation of his mother being declared insane and incarcerated in a mental asylum in the Port au Prince. During this he began to resent mulattos. He formed tonton macoutes which was the secret police for Haiti, they were the bad people of Haiti and sent ouhoose t to kill the poorest societies in Haiti and t went against Duvalier, the groups nickname was the bogeyman which was designed to scare the children. One of the most brutal things Duvalier did was kill over 20 of his soldiers for planting bombs to close to the palace because he felt they were a threat and couldn't be trusted so he shot each one.

Leaders of Haiti, Father & Son

EQ- Was Papa and Baby Doc good or bad for Haiti?

Baby Doc

He is the son of Francois Duvalier. He becam president of Haiti after his father passed in 1971 from heart problems. He was only 19 aty tyher time. He was also born on Port au Prince like his father but grew up in a n isolated environment. As president Jean believed in absolute power. One thing he did not do that his father did before him was erase the white and malanoo people in the country due to the fact that he was light skinned himself. During his time in office he was said to believe that he had a 100 million dollars stashed in a european bank account. HE is believed to have earned this money through the tobacco administration. In 1986 he left for exile to france after large demonstrations and riots broke put. He had returned to Haiti in 2011 where he lived in the country side. when back he was charged with multiple human rights violations. He was interrogated multiple times and said that all the secret police went unpunished for the killings and disappearances of hundreds and thousands of adults and children. Charges of corruption are still pending after 25 years in exile in france but he know lives in the Caribbean.

Haiti's Francois Duvalier Dictatorship (1971)

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Papa Doc was seen as a ruthless man and made a poverty stricken nation. People believed that when he died there would not be many tears for him. This was actually opposite there were many tears for him especially the women and after 14 years of being president the people of Haiti were ready to fight back against all that he had done.


Francois had a son named Jean,

together they had a cruel regime,

when Francois died at age 64,

Jean took over at age 19,

he had the same form of ruling,

Bykilling those who go against him and his regime,

the brutal riots and large demonstrations sent him to exile in year 1986