By Noah Saylor


Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. Bullets struck the president's neck and head. The car drove quickly to Parkland Memorial Hospital a short ways away. But nothing could be done for President Kennedy. A Catholic priest came to administer the last rites, and at 1:00 p.m. President Kennedy was pronounced dead.

Perspective 1

The media portrayed the event as an act of communism. "Lee Oswald, was said to be a Communist who once renounced his US citizenship and unsuccessfully sought to become a Russian citizen. Also the chairman of a "Fair Play for Cuba" committee, he was arrested in a cinema after a policeman had been killed."Cooke, A. (1963)

Perspective 2

It also was portrayed as a sad and overwhelming event, as it should have been seen. Taking time to describe in detail the first lady's reaction to it all. "Her face was sorrowful. She looked steadily at the floor. She still wore the raspberry-colored suit in which she had greeted welcoming crowds in Fort Worth and Dallas. But she had taken off the matching pillbox hat she wore earlier in the day, and her dark hair was windblown and tangled. Her hand rested lightly on her husband's coffin as it was taken to a waiting hearse." WICKER, T. (1963)

Media Bias

It seemed with how and when the assassination happened, it lead to many media biases which even lead to many conspiracies. Many thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only shooter. There had to be a third one and then this lead to if it was an inside job, Many of these conspiracies live on till this day.

Historical Crtisims

With the assassination of a president it hadn't happened since Lincoln. So there was a big shock, the world seemed to have stopped for a minuet. JFK was rushed to the hospital, but because of the time period they didn't have the tools to tend to his wounds. He died there, his wife didn't have much say to things and Johnson was sworn in on the plane.

Feminist Crtisims

JFK's wife was the one that President Kennedy fell on to after he was shot. He died later in the day, but it seemed that she had little say in the actions that went on after his dead. She was rushed around, still in here blood stained clothes. Also she had to be there when Johnson was sworn in on the plane.
The Kennedy's (2011) - JFK assassination scene


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