How was America Founded?

What was the positive and negative effect of the factories?

By:Anna, Katrina,Damien, and Adler

Katrina and Anna conjecture's: We think had a bad effect because it had children working and it poluted the air. (negative)

Damien and Adler conjecture's: We think it help the colinist with their with their every day live. (positive)

Positive effect

It makes goods faster

People get money and jobs

Farming was growing

The first Industrial Revolution was a time with invention of cotton and agriculture

machinates. When the second Industrial revolution came in the 19th century.

Negative effect

* Childern were not giving an edecation instead they were

sent to factorys to support their family

*The air was trerible because how hot it was.

* Sicknesses were spreading like wild fires.

Fun facts

  • The Industrial Revolution got started by people wanted to increase the production of food and goods.
  • The revolution got started in Great Britain.

Industrial Revolution Slideshow

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negative effect ''early factories''

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