Laminar versus Turbulent Flow

Types of Flow:

Laminar Flow

Its a fast, smooth and regular type of flow. For example  the car in the diagram has a laminar flow because it allows the fluids to move quickly with less energy. It also doesnt cause Eddies

Come to find out which type of Flow is better.

Turbulent Flow

Turbulent Flow is a choppy and irregular type of flow that is more rough and slower than Laminar Flow. For example in the image on the side it shows the air bounce in all diffrent directions and a different pattern.

Airplane Uses Both Flows :O

Airplane ( Laminar Flow)

An airplane uses laminar flow and turbulent flow. It uses laminar flow because it glides and flows through the air and through the wind. It allows the airplane to have a higher speed and to travel more smoovely.

Airplane (Turbulent Flow)

An airplane also uses Turbulent flow. It uses turbulent flow because the jets attached to the plane which pushes the plane forward. This works for any aircraft with jets or prepellers.