Empowering your Community

EDU 675 Dr. Carl Beyer

There are great ways to empower your community

There first has to be great leaders with vision to take thoughts to action. Envisioning: The ability to see the desired end and communicate the effectively to others. This is having the vision to see how different levels of learning can not only help but empower many facets of the community. Some of the ways are described below.

Teaching: Ensuring that team members are continuing to learn. In this case through Differentiated Instruction?

Differentiated Instruction provides learning opportunities in the classroom for EVERY STUDENT and their differences in learning styles and capabilities. It promotes an inclusive classroom meeting the needs of each student on an individual level. "It is an organized and flexible way of proactively adjusting, teaching, and learning methods to accommodate each child's learning needs and preferences to achieve maximum growth" (C. Tomlinson, 1999).


Knowing how to aggressively work with peers and supervisors to get the necessary resources for the team. This si so important in leadership in order for success to occur.

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