Seventh Grade Newsletter

September 21, 2014

Dear Parents,

We sure had a busy week! We had a fire drill on Monday, distributed school pictures on Tuesday, set up iPads on Wednesday, and finished with an awesome field trip on Friday.


Mrs. Garver will be out of school this week due to a minor surgery. Mrs. Bamberg will be her substitute. Students will be working on writing an informative "how-to" paper at the beginning of the week. Later in the week, they will be learning about elements of stories and reading a science fiction story called "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.
Mrs. Garver's Website

Information for seventh and eighth grade students and their parents.

Social Studies

Greetings from Mr. Hawkins!

I'm very excited that our 7th-graders now have iPads in hand, and as we iron out the tech wrinkles to start the year please verify with your student that they have their Apple ID and password, access to their Rayder email account, and have successfully joined their Edmodo class group.

I advise that students and parents access Edmodo through the web portal rather than the app. Navigate your favorite web browser to:

Important: DO NOT do a general search for Edmodo, as it will not take you to the Charlevoix Schools version.

Once at the login page, add it to your favorites or bookmark the page. From here, students (and parents) can join our class group. Here are the group codes to join:

P1 Social Studies students: 6tn6u7

P2 Social Studies students: jic2c6

P4 Speech-Debate students: f3ppnu

Each student also has a unique parent code tied to their account for you to conveniently monitor their progress. Please don't hesitate to take the time and sit down with your student to locate your parent code and create your parent account. When your student logs in, the parent code is located on their Edmodo home screen. If you have trouble finding the parent code, please email Mr. Hawkins at .

Weekly homework, daily class presentation notes, and other helpful reminders and alerts are posted through Edmodo, so it's tremendously important that students are accessing this resource.

Thank you, and have a great week! Go Rayders!


In Science, students were making predictions about different problems that they encountered. One of our problems involved making a water lily. Students had to create a hypothesis about what the lily would do when placed in water. Many of them were surprised to see the water lily actually "bloom" after being placed in the water. Further investigation about WHY this happened led to some great ideas. Science!


Students this week will focus on working with rational numbers. We will continue with comparing and ordering rational numbers. Afterwards, we will work with adding and subtracting rational numbers. Students will have a formative assessment over comparing and ordering rational numbers, and adding rational numbers this week on Thursday, September 25th.


Students will work with the geometry concepts of dilations and symmetry this week. There will be a formative assessment over these concepts most likely on Thursday, September 25th.


There is a half day for students on Friday, September 26. Teachers will be involved in Professional Development in the afternoon. Students will be dismissed at 11:00 AM.

iPad Distribution

We successfully distributed iPads to a majority of the class. There are still some issues to work out, such as problems with internet access and downloading apps.

Rafting Adventure

Thank you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.