Watches Tourbillion

As far as makers of high end watches, Breguet ranks among the best of them. Ranging from beautiful contemporary new models to more traditional timepieces, each are a masterpiece, precise and timeless. The craftsmanship of each piece is guided by the high standards of watchmaking carried on by the Breguet company since 1775. Key to the continuing quality of Breguet watchmaking are the many inventions key and unique to these prestigious timepieces. One such invention by Breguet is the Breguet Tourbillon regulator, patented in 1801.

More than two centuries of work and many patents have gone into the development of today’s Breguet watchmaking. One of the great improvements in watchmaking came with the invention of the Breguet Tourbillon regulator. This new regulator (patented by Breguet in 1801 for a 10 year period) improved the accuracy of pocket chronometers by overcoming the effects of gravity on the sensitive parts in the watch. In the Breguet Tourbillon regulator, all of the most sensitive parts are encased in a carriage which performs a complete rotation during each minute of operation. This invention allowed the watch to maintain accuracy no matter what the position of the watch is. A side benefit of such an invention was that constant change in the point of contact enhances the lubrication of the watch’s bearings. Even though patented in 1801, the first regulators were not commercialized until 1805 when presented to the public at the National Exhibition of Industrial Products in Paris. As a given with the high quality timepieces, some of the first patrons were from Spanish and English royalty.

Today’s Breguet Tourbillon with its modern advances is protected by several patents. For 2013 Breguet models, the Tourbillon is made of titanium, silicon and anti-magnetic steel. These modern watches are in the forefront with 80 hours of running time due to a high-energy barrel and a Tourbillon with a very high frequency, 4 Hz. Lightweight and stylish, Breguet Watches dealers will sell these high quality watches with the durability that is expected. Visit any Breguet Watches dealer to view the Tourbillon along with other prestigious timepieces, whether you prefer the traditional arm band or a more refined pocket watch. Breguet watches are truly a unique and collectable piece of art and science built on centuries of refinement and research. Breguet’s innovations and dedication to his art has influenced watchmaking for over 200 years and has resulted the Breguet company’s leadership in prestigious timepieces up until today.