Top TEN News @ Weston

January 11, 2019

1. Important Information about our January eLearning Days can be found below in a letter from Dr. Olin.

2. If you do not have wifi and need a place for your child to complete their January 21st eLearning Day work we will have Lab Hours available that week. You can bring your students to school during these evening times to finish any of their eLearning lessons they need to complete. More detailed information will be shared next week.

eLearning Lab Hours
January 22 (Tuesday) 4:00-6:00
January 24 (Thursday) 4:00-6:00

3. Report Cards for the 1st semester are now available online. You can find them in your Parent Portal through their Powerschool account.

4. The Hancock County Arts Show is this weekend. See the flyer below for more details. Here are the students from Weston that will have art on display.

Celysta Batt
Taylor Adcock
Nolen Lee
Mikaela Monesmith
Connor Dwyer
Aubrey Coates
Noah Grimes

5. The following students were our Character Trait Winners for December = GENEROSITY. They received a brag tag and had their pictures taken this week. Their pictures will be shared via Twitter, website, Facebook, and Daily Reporter!

Mrs. Becker: Ronan Robbins, Liam Ball, Alexis Clark, Hadleigh Wirtz
Miss Deno: Ashlyn Dorsey, Imery Howard, Maddox Hilt, Jackson Nazimek
Mrs. Linder: Elly Brandle, Adrian Stark, Ruby Foster, Dylan Rosalino
Mrs. Rogers: Rose Butcher, Sophia Miller, Maya Hutchinson

Ms. Davis: Addi Wolfla, Aiden Johnisee, Kaleigh Jackson
Mrs. Griesmeyer: Molly Beeler, Allyson Crabtree, Jackob Daniel, Jasmin Thomas
Mrs. Lee: Micah Miller, Regan Dishman, Evan Steuer, Noah Grimes
Mrs. Smith: Autumn Branscum, Bethany Wing, Nolen Lee, Sam Robbins

Mrs. Bridenthal: Payton Hubbard, Nora Bockstahler, Dominic Riddle
Mrs. Musson: Giamani Anderson, Korbin Keever, Reagan Foster
Mrs. Powell: Evelyn Hodge, Colton Wood, Jaylen Hawkins
Mrs. Wolski: Dalton Scott, Miles Dickinson, Taylor Turner, Sunshine McCallister
Mrs. Caird: Ginnie Adams, Kaydance Daniel, Chloe Peck
Mrs. Gross: Paisley Brown, Ethan Swift, Neamiah Lee
Mrs. Oden: Liam Yohey, Sully Bennett
Mr. Zachery: Hudson Flink, Hayley Gibbs, Parker Neal, Addison Jackson

6. Check out the Weston Extra News for January. It is attached below in the ‘Download’ section.

7. We have Boxtops for Education Brag Tags now! Have your children bring the boxtops to our office when they are ready to receive one of these. See the pictures below.

8. Menus for 2nd semester are attached below.

9. The Body Boundaries program for students is scheduled at Weston Elementary on Tuesday, March 5th. (See the attached letter for more information.)

10. The next Board of School Trustees meeting will be held on Monday, January 14th at 7:00 at the Greenfield-Central Educational Services Center, 700 North Broadway.