the vietnam war

By:william alfred mccullough

How Did The Vietnam War Start

The vietnam war started when a meeting went terribly wrong when vietnam was trying to reunite the country to the us. some rivalry started and was a 2 on 1 war. U.s. was either teamed up with north vietnam or south vietnam. north vietnam lost about 950,000, 500,000 of these were wounded, and 50,000 were civilians. south vietnam lost about 1,790,000, 400,000 of these were civilians, 1 million were wounded. u.s. lost about 358,200, 300,000 were wounded.

when and where did the vietnam war start

the vietnam war took place in multiple places like: north, and south vietnam, cambodia, and last but not least laos. the vietnam war started at 1954 and ended in 1973. (that's a really long time if you ask me.) the troop strength was south vietnam: 850,000, south korea: 50,000, u.s.: 540,000, others: 80,000+. what a crazy world right.

Who won the war and what happened afterwards.

the war was won by north vietnam, so what happened afterwards? what did north vietnam win? well, what north vietnam got was that the country was unified as the socialist republic. technically north vietnam got what they wanted. the end. farewell. happy ending.(even though basically no one got a happy ending if you watch the video below.