Tyler Thompson

Email: Thompson125@comcast.net Phone: 770-402-8683

Education and Certification

Kennesaw State University

Bachelor of Science in History Eduction

May 2014 GPA 3.25

Awaiting Certification

Unofficial GACE scores

History pt. 1: 281

History pt. 2: 271

Outgoing, Motivated, Creative and Eager!

My Teaching Style

One of the qualities that I pride myself on most is my willingness to consistently and honestly assess myself. I am my own toughest critic and I would not have it any other way. If a lesson plan does not work the way I imagined it would, I am not above tweaking it or throwing it out completely and trying something new. Because of this quality, my classroom is an active and dynamic environment where the same thing rarely happens twice. I am open minded and am always seeking and welcoming input from both colleagues as well as students for how I can make lessons more effective and enjoyable. I believe you can learn something from everything in life, whether it is a success or a failure, I believe every scenario and every person can teach you something.

I am a high energy individual who loves being in the center of the chaos, looking for new challenges and experiences. I enjoy working in a team situation and am very excited about any opportunities to coach a sport or sponsor a club. I value different viewpoints and enjoy challenging conversations and situations.

Please consider me for any available Social Studies positions!