Dawson Diary

What's happening at Dawson this week beginning 04/19/2020

Last Week for Learning Packet Pick-Up!

This will be the final week for learning packet pick-up at curbside meal sites (Dawson). Starting next week, learning packets will be mailed out to families. If you need learning packets mailed to your home, please let your child's teacher know.

Next week, the school district will begin with a learning packet mail out to families who receive free/reduced lunch. If your family does not qualify, but you still need a packet, let us know so we can still get one to you for your child.

Earth Day is on Wednesday!

I challenge your families to do something special for Earth Day on Wednesday, and then send us your pictures via your child's teacher. Perhaps you will simply go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Or, perhaps you will recycle or begin composting. Or, perhaps you will use some recycled goods or something that might have gone in the trash to make some art. Or, perhaps you will plant something outside. Show us how you celebrate Earth Day!

Fire Drill at 10:00 a.m. on Friday!

Does your family have a plan for how to evacuate your home in the event of a fire?

Since we cannot be on campus to practice our monthly fire drill, I am asking that Dawson families participate in a family fire drill at 10:00 a.m. I'll be sharing with you how it does with my family, and I look forward to hearing about yours. Do you think you can exit your home in less than three minutes?

Thank you for participating with us!

It is Registration Time!

Please check your Parent Portal to see if you have registered your child(ren) for the upcoming school year. This year, all registration will take place online. In March, before we left for spring break, many of you completed a paper commitment form stating your intentions for next year. Unfortunately, these commitment forms were not registration forms. If you do not recall registering your child(ren) this year online, more than likely your child is not registered yet.

Do you need some help with registration? Please call the front office and leave us a message with your name and the best contact number. One of our office staff will call you back and assist you with your registration needs.

Dolphin Tickets

Please consider submitting a Dolphin Ticket for your child or another family member. Students, you could submit a Dolphin Ticket for a family member, too!

Dolphin Tickets will be read each Friday in Mrs. Jedele's video message. They will also be posted on our school website. Here is the link to see this week's Dolphin Tickets: https://dawson.austinschools.org/showcase

Here's the link to submit a Dolphin Ticket: Dolphin Tickets

Curbside Meals!

Curbside Meals will continue to be served at Dawson Monday-Friday through the end of the school year. You can pick up your meals between 11:00am-1:00pm.

Counselor Corner - Ms. Zaizar & Ms. Murrmann, Dawson School Counselors

A video from us to you… https://youtu.be/nOTaItYqD0g


For Kids: Feelings will come, and feelings will go. During this very strange time of unexpected change, be patient with yourself, and know that uncomfortable feelings, like worry and frustration, will pass. Please use your skills: remember to stop, take a deep breath, then recognize, accept, and name that feeling. Next you choose which tool you’ll use to manage that feeling, so the actions you choose are safe and kind. Will you talk with someone and name the feeling your experiencing out loud, draw, move your body, one idea could be this 5 Senses Grounding Technique, details are in the link below https://copingskillsforkids.com/blog/2016/4/27/coping-skill-spotlight-5-4-3-2-1-groundingtechnique

What feels good for you today and in this moment?

For Parents: There are so many excellent resources out there for parents, it can be overwhelming. We chose one that stands out as especially helpful to share with Dawson families. This is a brief reminder about the importance of taking time to talk as family about feelings.


While nothing can take the place of a face to face, real time conversation, we are working on ways to best connect through phone calls, emails, videos and the Dawson Counselor BLEND site. Please stay safe! We really miss you all.

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