ALB Friday Focus

Week of October 1

Happy Fall Break! This week's Friday Focus will be forward-thinking rather than reflective in nature as most of us have not worked at all this week--YAY! I enjoyed a getaway to Las Vegas with my husband while my mother kept the girls. It was a restful, sunny, relaxing trip that was long overdue. I hope you all took time for yourselves and enjoyed a break before we gear up for the most critical time of the semester. When I worked in Fulton County, we never had breaks other than holidays; therefore, October hit us like a wall. In this district, the break precedes the wall, so we should be able to go strong through October and November, the heart of the semester. The initial rush of data collection and testing is over. You have MAP data. You have 95% screener data. You have sight word data. You have started the PLC processes in your grade levels. It's time to move the needle! Expect more support in your PLCs as we see areas of concern. This process is the tipping point for improving student learning and achievement. I am meeting with the school leadership team all day on October 11 for our first ever Instructional Council.The focus for that in-house retreat will be building capacity as instructional leaders to take teaching and learning to the next level.

As I write this, I've gotten 16 responses on the Temperature Check. I want you to know that I carefully go through each response. I analyze responses to every question. I truly value your feedback and appreciate those of you who are specific in your praise and in your critical feedback. Feedback is how ALL of us grow--administrators, teachers, and students. To those of you who have participated in the survey, thank you for valuing my process of collecting quarterly climate feedback.

Heads up for this week: Picture Day is Friday! These are the pictures used in the yearbook, so all staff members need to be photographed. Schedule forthcoming! You may where a top of your choice with your jeans--no need to wear a t-shirt in pictures if you don't want to!

Please join me in welcoming our newest Burruss staff member, Serena King. Serena will be serving as our Front Office Clerk!

I believe in the (heart) work we are doing!

I am so proud to be your principal.


Teaching and Learning Highlights

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Burruss Staff Birthdays

Yolanda Reese-White: October 2

Jaime Ziemian: October 9

Caida Mendelsohn: October 10

Katherine Ramsey-Knight: October 11

Katie Gaudette: October 14

Darcey Ethridge: October 31


Michael Holst is sponsoring Science Olympiad team for students this year!

Allison Taylor is sponsoring a new school newspaper, The Burruss Times. Students had the idea and asked her to sponsor them! IB in action!

Sherri Monger is our Fall Quarter GEM recipient!

Jaclyn Bell and Jaime Ziemian attended Orton Gillingham training over Fall Break!

PLC Four Guiding Questions

  1. What do we want students to know? (GSE Standards)
  2. How will we know when they have learned it? (assessments)
  3. What will we do when they haven't learned it? (remediation)
  4. What will we do when they already know it? (enrichment/acceleration/differentiation)

What I'm Reading

The article linked below goes into great detail about the benefits of peer observations in schools. Coming soon is an announcement for October, which will involve a soft start to the peer observation process at Burruss.

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