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Environments... a few thoughts from Mike Anderson (Learning to Choose Choosing to Learn, The Key to Student Motivation and Achievement, 2016)

Walls and Display Spaces: A visitor to the classroom or school should be able to "read" the walls and know what work is happening and who is doing it.

  • Purpose - Why did the students engage in this work?
  • Process - What happened?
  • Product - Finished and completed project results - Pictures and Samples

Instructional Areas: Offer choice where students spend time working, NOT listening. Don't panic, there is a time for whole-group instruction, but we can reduce our tendency to control the information and delivery.

Teacher Workspace: What message do you send the students and parents about your workspace? Many teachers have reduced their workspace to almost nothing to show the students that they are the focus of the environment. Really reflect on this and look at your team and their personal "desk" area.

The Purpose and Power of Choice: There are two key reminders about choices, first all students should have choices, but the should be used with purpose. Second, choice must be taught, and not simply given.

The Power of the Zone of Proximal Development and Engagement: We must remember Vygotsky's research in relationship to that sweet spot where students are joyfully challenged and highly engaged. Too little or too much will fail our students.

Choice is most powerful when used with purpose. It is, however a strategy and may not be the BEST one to use at all times. Choice is a means to an end and not and end in and of itself.

Cafeteria Reminders

  • Please be on time when dropping students off and picking up for indoor recess.
  • The cafe staff is working hard to keep over 100 students safe at a time but they do not know details of IEPs or medical needs other than food allergies. If you feel they need to have information - communicate with them directly. (i.e. A child not able to travel the building unassisted.)
  • Students are not allowed back to classrooms for any items including footballs.
  • Students are to put bottles, lunch boxes, etc in lunch basket.

Thank you for doing a great job adjusting recess! Supervision is tight helping with behavior and schedule conflicts seem to have slowed now that we are in a routine. Thank you for being patient and making adjustments to ensure all students are playing and safe. Recess is so important for you and students.

Please Welcome...

Getting Started with Aimsweb Digitally (Reading only)

Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 3:45pm

Computer Lab

Please bring your benchmark score (if possible) and the goal document will already be available.

It will be very helpful to know which assessment for which student for smooth practice.

"Change for Change" Jewelry Party

Thursday, Oct. 6th, 12-4:45pm

Fatima's Office

Come shop for yourselves or knock out some early holiday shopping. Proceeds going to Change for Change to finalize their efforts!


Evaluation Reminders:

  • Have you scheduled or completed your "last year" and "beginning of year with DK?
  • Have you scheduled your LONG eval week with your evaluator?
  • OneDrive allows you to access the "evaluation 2016-207 folder with the two documents needed for the year.
  • NO NEED TO SUBMIT CLO2016-2017 FORM TO SFS, until the SFS data from last year is "finalized." You will receive a notice from SFS when this happens.
  • Fatima and I intend to complete, at minimum, one short and one long per teacher. You may have more shorts or longs but no need to panic. More evidence of your amazing teaching and learning! It is possible and highly likely that both evaluators will be in all rooms, tis the season.

When Subs Don't Get Assigned - PLAN!

Each grade level teacher needs to devise a plan for any day that a sub doesn't arrive to cover a classroom. In this situation you will have your students organized for delivery to all of the other teachers in your grade level. Last year all of you created a binder with the groupings and information for easy transitions on days that subs didn't arrive. Please arrange a system ASAP and know that our intention is to always provide a sub! Questions? Talk to Creager or Nix, they modeled this system last year.

Reminder from Dr. Loane: Please always put a reminder to subs in your plans that devices are not to be earned or used for play/recess in order to keep our HSE 21 practices sound and our promise to parents.

Drone Policy in HSE

The use of drones on school property is not permitted by any staff or community member without permission of the district. Such permission requires extensive insurance paperwork, licensure, registration, and maintenance records for the flying device. If you have or had an idea to use drones in your inquiry/PBL classrooms please contact me prior to initiating these ideas.

HSE-BYOD network becomes disabled Friday, October 7

HSE-BYOD network becomes disabled on Friday, October 7.

Talk to Mrs. Patrick if you would like some extra hands getting your class on the HSE-CORP network.

See Kelly Moore's 9/26 email for connectivity information.

Digital Resource - Discovery Education

Discovery Education (formerly United Streaming) is now live! Students access through Clever.

It is quite the sophisticated product. Stay tuned for Professional Development.

In the meantime, click here to enjoy the Discovery Education YouTube Channel for a preview.

Crispus Attucks Documentary on WFYI

Do WE really know everything about learning?

Carol Black, director of the documentary film Schooling the World & creator of the tv series “The Wonder Years.” She studied lit/education at Swarthmore College and UCLA, and for 25 years has been involved in the unschooling/alternative ed movement.