4Sprise February News

Language Arts Update

This month, we have continued our study of pioneers! Students have finished their Pioneer Book Clubs and have been very popular among our students. They have read an discussed the books, and have been working hard to write responses to the literature. We have finished our read aloud, Danger Along the Ohio. Students have written journal entries that re-tell the story from the perspective of one of the characters. We've practiced inferring how the characters were feeling, describing main events in vivid detail, and point of view.

Math Update

We have continued to work hard on our number sense. Students have continued to practice multiplication of large numbers, and have learned a new algorithm for dividing numbers. We call it the "Super 7" model, but the official name is the partial quotients algorithm. This is very different from how many of our parents learned to divide, but it sets a great foundation for understanding the concept of division. Check out the video below for a tutorial on the partial quotients algorithm.

As we continue to work on more complex mathematical thinking, it becomes more and more necessary for our students to know their math facts. Please encourage your child to practice at least 3 times a week!

6.2 - Partial Quotients Algorithm.avi

Social Studies Update

Students have been learning about the different Indian Tribes. Currently, we are learning about the French, English, and native settlers in Ohio, and we just started learning about the French and Indian War. Students created projects where they chose two people who would have lived in Ohio. They created a story to tell the person's point of view of what was happening in the land at the time. Throughout the study, students learned and practiced finding examples of cause and effect.

Thank You!

Valentine's Day came and went, and it certainly was a "lovely" day! Thanks to all our families who helped make the parties so much fun for our students. Both homerooms had a wonderful afternoon, and the students loved to exchange Valentine cards with one another.