Mrs. Hammer's Class


Dear Learning Coaches and Students,

You have done a great job getting started this year!

Learning coaches, you may still be a bit overwhelmed with all of the materials to sort through and learning the ins and outs of the Online Learning school, but you will become a pro soon. I am here to help you. Please do not hesitate to kmail or call when you have questions.

Students, you will be learning new and exciting things each day. Some topics may be really easy for you to understand while others may take extra time and effort to master. I am here to help you learn along with your learning coach.

We are going to have a great year!

Mrs. Hammer


1st Quarter Checkpoint #1

Kmail me your student's completed checkpoint today!

*Checkpoints happen twice a quarter. There will be a section on the report card that will reflect participation in checkpoints.

Progress Snapshots

I sent out your student's progress snapshots last week. Please take a look to see if your student is keeping up with expected progress. If they are a bit behind be sure to complete a few extra lessons here and there to get caught up as quickly as possible. I will send these out every few weeks in order for you to keep right on top of your student's progress. You can also request for me to send your student's snapshot in a kmail any time!

Weekly Requirements

Math- 5 lessons
Phonics- 5 lessons
Language Skills- 5 lessons
Literature and Comprehension- 5 lessons
Writing- 5 lessons
History- 2 lessons
Social Studies- 1 lesson

Tip: Print out your weekly plan each Monday and mark off each lesson your student completes.

Math Common Core Appendix

The math common core appendix should not be completed daily. You can go to your student's schedule to keep it from popping up each day. If you attend the math class connects regularly, you will not need to worry about the appendix lessons because I will complete them during class and mark them complete for you. If you do not attend the class connect sessions you will want to follow the Bookmark.

Class Connect Schedule

Monday 9/22

Unit 4: Lesson 1

Phonics U 4: Lesson 5

Tuesday 9/23

Unit 4: Lesson 2

ELA Lesson (student completes phonics U. 5 L. 1)

Wednesday 9/24

Unit 4: Lesson 3

Phonics U 5: Lesson 2

Thursday 9/25

Unit 4: Lesson 5 (4 skipped-0ptional)

Phonics U 5: Lesson 3

Friday 9/26

No CC- Student completes U4 L6

No CC- Student completes Phonics U 5: Lesson 4

Monday 9/29

Unit 4: Lesson 7

Phonics U 5: Lesson 5

Tuesday 9/30

Unit 4: Lesson 9 (8 skipped-Optional)

ELA Lesson )student completes phonics U. 6 L.1

Wednesday 10/1

Unit 4: Lesson 10

Phonics U 6: Lesson 2

Thursday 10/2

Unit 4: Lesson 12 (11 skipped-Optional)

Phonics U 6: Lesson 3

Friday 10/3

No CC- Student completes U4 L 13

No CC- Student completes U.6 L. 4

Monday 10/6

Unit 4: Lesson 14 & Unit Checkpoint

Phonics U 6: Lesson 5

Tuesday 10/7

Unit 6: Lesson 1 (Unit 5 is skipped- Lessons have been marked off in OLS)

ELA (student completes Phonics U.7 L 1

Wednesday 10/8

Unit 6: Lesson 2

Phonics U 7: Lesson 2

Thursday 10/9

Unit 6: Lesson 3

Phonics U 7: Lesson 3

Friday 10/10

No CC- Student completes U6 L 4

No CC- Student completes U. 7 L. 4

Face to Face with Mrs. Hammer

Friday from 12:00-4:00
Next week's F2F will be at the NVVA office instead of the Paseo Verde Library (library is closed for new flooring).
If your student needs extra practice please schedule a time with me by sending me a kmail.
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Show and Tell

Would you like to be part of the next class newsletter? Send me a picture of you with a description. It can be a favorite lesson, a family vacation, a trip to a museum, a sports picture, etc. Let's learn about each other!

Mrs. Hammer will go first!

This is a picture of me when I was 10 years old. It was taken right after my very first ice skating competition. I got second place. I was excited to get a trophy!
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Have a wonderful week!