The Events of the Yanakakis family

By: Jared Kennedy

Yanakakis family found!

7 years after the Yanakakis family's mysterious disappearance they were found in the middle of a forest. We have unconfirmed reports that the father of the Yanakakis family kept his family there against their will. He kept Eli, Lexi, and Reese along with Ms. Yanakakis there. Their other son Eddie was not kept in the "vault" in the forest for unknown reasons. Another unknown is why he locked them up in this "vault" anyway.

The Yanakakis family seen at "Costco" and an "aquarium"

We have many apparent sightings of some members of the Yanakakis family at Costco. They were on what seemed to be a "routine" stop for some grocery's. Then later at a local aquarium in Seattle, Eli and Eddie were seen with one of the younger children born in the "vault".

Yanakakis family attend a baseball game

Several members of the Yanakakis family were seen at a baseball game. They were watching the game from one of the very pricey suites, which was likely a minuscule sum compared to the family's billions of dollars.