Help Us Meet Our Goals!


Dear Dudley Families,

We want to make our community aware of Dudley's 2014-2015 goals so that you can help us accomplish them! Our school is truly a community of teachers, staff, students, families, and volunteers. We hope to work TOGETHER to help your children succeed!!

Attendance Goal

Increase excellent attendance from 95% to 97%!

You can help with this goal by helping your child get to school BEFORE 8:25 everyday! If your child comes in tardy, he/she will miss reading instruction which is vital to their success.

Behavior Goal

Increase excellent behavior, measured by students without a discipline referral, from 80% to 85%.

You can help us reach this goal by setting high expectations for your children! We believe that EVERY student at Dudley is a leader and can use the 7 Habits to help themselves have excellent behavior! Please encourage your child to treat their classmates and teachers with kindness and respect.

SOL Pass Rate in Math

Increase 3rd-5th grade Math SOL tests pass rate from 83% to 85% for all students.

You can support this goal by encouraging your child to complete math homework and study for math tests. They can receive extra practice using websites like, (4th grade), Mega Math, Study Island, and Find more math practice at (click Math for Families). Students who know + - , and x facts do better on all math skills.

SOL Pass Rate in Reading

Increase 3rd-5th grade Reading SOL tests pass rate from 81% to 85%.

Increase K-5 Reading homework completion from 95% to 100%.

You can support this goal by encouraging your child to read a book on their reading level for at least 20 minutes a night and complete their Read and Respond Homework. Make reading fun! Read with your child and ask them questions about what you've read together. Work with your younger children on letter names and sounds and sight words. Help your child understand how much learning to read will help them in their future!

Leadership Goal

Our school leadership goal is that 100% of students will believe that they are a leader! All students will learn the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, earn "Leader of the Week" in their classroom, receive at least one leadership role in their classroom or school, and practice important skills of hand-shaking, greeting, and public speaking.

You can support this goal at home by learning about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids (7 Habits of Effective People) and using this language at home. Set high expectations and praise leadership qualities you see in your children. Students can go to to have fun with the 7 Habits!

Thank you again for everything you do for your children to help them be successful in school!