Dont do them

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whats so bad about steroids?

Steroids is pretty much a cheap way to get huge muscles. Steroids have a lot of effects to your body including: Hair loss, Oily skin, increase chance of heart attack, psoriasis, and it makes it way harder to grow. Just taking steroids once could kill you, think twice before you do.

How do I quit steroids?

There are many ways to quit but the two most common and easy ways to quit include: either you never take them or you slowly stop taking them. What I mean about slowly stop taking them is that doctors recommend not to just instantly stop taking them, they recommend slowly stop taking them. For example if you took steroids 30% of the time which is a lot maybe start taking them 25% of the time then go 20% then 15% and so on.

Who does it effect?

EVERYONE!!!! It effects you because your taking it. And it effects everyone else around you because they can be tempted to take steroids with you. It's effecting so much people that even 5% of teens are taking them. So please stop the steroids.