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David Morrison, a Boca Raton resident and professional, serves as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Safety Wercs LLC. He is committed to promoting healthier workplaces for businesses in the hospitality and education industries, as well as the food and beverage and transportation industries, among others.

CleanWipes has a broad variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) and industrial cleansers from the industry's top brands. These include cleaning wipes, disposable gloves, disposable masks, and disposable gowns, as well as a variety of additional cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization and disinfection solutions from industry leaders.

He has been instrumental in the company's development since joining the Safety Wercs management team in February 2017.

Apart from his role at Safety Wercs LLC, David Morrison serves as the chief operating officer of FarFromBoring Promotions, a recognized maker of innovative and beautifully designed promotional products. FarFromBoring Promotions is a Boca Raton-based company. Morrison is now working as a promotional consultant with FarFromBoring Promotions, where she has been employed since June of last year.

David Morrison, who has worked for Fortune 500 companies, has a track record of motivating teams to extraordinary feats in Boca Raton.

Additionally, Morrison has a thorough knowledge of how to connect firms with the one-of-a-kind solutions they need to be long-term success.

Previous positions held are noted below.

Mr. Morrison brings over 30 years of sales and management experience to his role as a valued contributor. Throughout his professional career in Boca Raton, David Morrison has held a range of sales and customer service jobs, including the following:

From 2012 through 2017, I was responsible for establishing new business as a sales representative for Wirtz Beverage Nevada, a large alcohol beverage distributor with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I worked as a Sales Manager at the E and J Gallo Winery in Napa, California, for more than two decades (1992–2012). David Morrison is a successful Boca Raton businessman who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida, among other honors and qualifications.

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