Christmas traditions

By Winston

Santa Claus

Santa claus is a red old man, he delivers gifts to children around the whole world in his sleigh that gets pulled by flying reindeers. Santa claus comes in the children's houses by climbing in from the chimney and drops presents near the christmas tree. Then in the morning of the 25th the children wake up and find presents under their tree.


During christmas people decorated their homes with ribbons and candles were lit. The colours of the ribbons were gold red and green, those were the traditional decoration colours. Ornaments were used to decorate the christmas tree, there would usually be a star on the top of the tree.
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For christmas people eat very special things for example nearly everyone eats meat, like turkey or duck. There is also a sauce with the turkey because it is really dry. There are potatoes with the turkey. In my family we also have a really big plate with a lot of vegetables and different sauces. For dessert there is cake or there is gingerbread in shapes of people or christmas trees.
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Presents are given by santa claus. Rich children would have hand made and expensive toys while poor children would have a few nuts and an apple or orange if lucky.
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The christmas holidays is only 2 weeks, but it is the best holiday because a lot of people get presents and you can see a lot of your family, you would also have a lot of snow depending where you are so that is very good