All About me

By Avani Bhute, Montgomery/6, 2015

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The Past

I was born in Bombay, India on November 18, 2002. I used to like to watch Dora the Explorer or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When I first to America in 2005, I used to live in Ohio. Since then, I have lived in many different places, including, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Houston, and now Dallas.

The Present

This year, in Honor Band, I play the tenor saxophone and have a purple belt in Taekwondo. I love to draw portraits of people, random stuff, and flowers. I LOVE to read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Heroes of Olympus series. I also like to write stories and poems about important things that people don't notice but that help them.

The Future

I want to be in the health/nature sciences when I grow up. I want to be have a Ph.D in either cardiology/neurology/or a gastrointestinal surgeon, or I want to be a rocket scientist/or microbiologist. I want to go to one of the Ivy League colleges, preferably Harvard.
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My Logo

I put all these things on my logo because I'm a great musician, because I LOVE playing tennis even though I might not be great at it, I LOVE Starbucks and wearing Converse and Harry Potter is my absolute favorite book series. These things also describe what I do after school!!! =)


I'm golden because I always strive to be perfect at my work and punctual about turning it in on time. I don't delay doing my work and do it as soon as I get home from school. I always obey the rules and I'm what you call a "Goody-Two-Shoes." I'm very organized about my homework and my locker isn't one of the messy ones. If somebody asks to borrow a pencil, I'm not behind them to return it but I just want them to return it at some point that's close to the near future.