Mrs. Mitchell's First Grade Class

Week of February 1-5, 2016

100th Day of School Coming Up!

On Thursday, February 11, students will have been in school for 100 days! Here is what the students wanted to do: 1. Either bring 100 very small items to school that will fit into their backpack or 2. bring a smaller collection of things that other students can add to, to make 100, once we all get to class. This collection also needs to fit into their backpack AND have your approval. Some ideas for small things you might already have around your house: Legos, toothpicks, pennies, beads, Pokemon cards. Another idea is that your student could draw small pictures on a piece of paper, such as stars, smiley faces, etc.

Valentine's Celebration at School

We will celebrate Valentine's Day in class on Friday, February 12. Students are welcomed to bring valentines for their classmates. There are 18 total children. I encourage you to have your student write, "from _________" on the back of each of their valentines. They do not need to write any first names of their friends on the back of the valentines or on the front of the envelopes.

Treats are not necessary, but you can bring if you wish. Often valentines come with suckers, etc, so students get quite a bit of sweets on that day without extra treats.

Thank you

Thank you so much to the families who brought more black whiteboard markers! Much appreciated!!!!!!!

What Day is it, Anyway?

As you know, in order to fit in all our specialists, we don't have enough days in the week, so we are on an 8 day cycle. Most specialists days are 30 minutes.Here is a list of what they are. We are on DAY 7 Today, February 4. If we do not have school, we do not advance the cycle day.

Day 1: music

Day 2: library

Day 3: art 1 hour long

Day 4: gym

Day 5: music

Day 6: computer

Day 7: gym 45 minutes long

Day 8: gym

"Stuffie Day"!!

Team Mitchell earned another 30 marbles today by working together to follow classroom rules, and the rules of the specialists. Tomorrow, Friday, February 5, is the day your child may bring a stuffed animal to school as long as it fits into their backpack. The stuffed animal won't go outside with them or to the bathroom or to lunch!