The History of Tennis

By:Bryan Islas

How it was Created

Tennis was created from 3 different kind of sports they were court tennis,squash racquet,and badminton. It was invented in 1873 by an English man named Walter C. Wingfield. It was first played at a garden party called Sphairistiké. The game was only for men in the old days. The sport was really popular in the British Empire and Australia. Now people around the world play tennis.

The Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations for tennis is there are two people both on the opposite side of each other. One person serves and hits it to the other person. The person on the opposite side of the court try's to it is back. If the person hits it out of bounds the other person gets a point. So the game continues until you reach your total score to how high you want.

Variations of the game

Equipment Needed

There is not that much things that you need to play tennis. You only need a racquet to hit the ball. A tennis ball to play the game. The last thing you need is you need a court to actually play the game on.