Futbol in England

By Olivia Leonardo, Anna Marie Cortez, and Cortland Toomey

History of Soccer

The origins of futbol, known to Americans as soccer, has been traced back over 2000 years to ancient China, Greece, Rome and parts of Central America; However, England is credited with publishing the first official rules of the sport, despite some recent speculation that Scotland may have been the first to do so.

As the sport progressed and became popular all around the globe, more rules were implemented and history was made. In 1891, the penalty kick was introduced after goalkeeper William McCrum suggested it. At the World Cup finals in 1970, the use of red and yellow cards was established. More recently in 1992, goalkeepers were banned from handling deliberate back passes. In 1998, tackles from behind became red card penalties.

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History of Soccer in England

England was the first to declare the official rules of soccer in 1863, but prior to this historic occurrence, between 1200 and 1800, the game was brutal and ruthless, which led to many variations of it being banned. Some say soccer is descended from cornish hurling, a sport where the ball was carried in hand, such as in rugby. It was later changed to exclude this type of handling. By the late nineteenth century, soccer in England had evolved to the sport that we play today. Popularity increased, resulting in the first competitive league in 1888, and the creation of the soccer net by Liverpool engineer, John Alexander Brodie in 1891.

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