Gregoer Mendel

the founder of genetics


Gregor Mendel was the person who started studying genetics

Early Years

He succeeded in many things like speaking different languages and being a teacher.But he went through some struggles like he failed his teaching test and he could not afford school.

Experimental Design

He investigated using pea plants.He got new species and the plants inherited certain traits.


He studied the shape the color and how strong it's stem is after he was done cross breading the peas to see how they change


They didn't notice till years after he died. He placed the pavement for people now and showed how to do it.



definition: most powerful important influential

Example:The blue eye trait is dominant.


definition:Gets covered by other genes

Example:The brown eyed gene is recessive over the blue eyed traits

Co dominant

definition:gene that is neither dominant or recessive

Example:If ypu breed a whit featherd bird and a black there children will have both