RRSD Community Update

November 8, 2021

District #35 Happenings

"Serial complainers focus on what they don't want, don't like, and don't have. . . .If you are complaining, you can't be thinking about or creating what you do want."

These words rattle around in my head often. I try to train my brain to minimize complaints, reminding myself that oftentimes complaints are simply a lazy way to avoid responsibility or to give an excuse for why something hasn't been accomplished or shouldn't be attempted. But guess what?? I still fall into complaining at times. It is human, and it can be very difficult to combat.

One of the tools I try to use to combat complaining or a negative outlook is to deliberately focus on things I am grateful for. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, and In my continuing effort to "feed the good wolf," here are a few things related to the RRSD that I am thankful for.

  • The opportunity to work for the school district I grew up in and graduated from.
  • A community that cares about their schools and their kids.
  • A school board that is invested and involved in its community and schools.
  • An administrative team that is hard working, dedicated, and collaborative.
  • Teachers that are committed to helping our students grow, learn, and prosper.
  • Classified staff that pour their efforts into helping our staff and students.
  • Support staff that go out of their way to help in any and every way they can.
  • Beautiful campuses in beautiful settings.
  • Students back in classrooms all day every day.
  • Small class sizes that allow our students to have greater individual attention in the RRSD.
  • Being a Chieftain, Riverhawk, and Maverick.


Looking Ahead:

  • Thursday, November 11th is Veteran's Day. There is no school.
  • Friday, November 12th and Monday, November 15th are Parent Teacher Conference Days, so there is no school for students on those days. Please make an appointment to see your child's teacher/s!!
  • As a reminder, the RRSD takes the entire Thanksgiving week off. That means no school for the week of November 22-26. Enjoy!


  • Ken West: His hard work as the groundskeeper has done wonders for helping our campuses look great.
  • Scott Hanson: Our maintenance director works tirelessly to keep our schools operating as they should.
  • Amy McColpin and Tammie Kuntz: Our payroll and accounts payable employees are rarely seen or heard from, but they do amazing work that keeps the bills paid and the paychecks rolling. These two are all-stars.
  • Tanya Kerr: Tanya is the location manager for First Student, our bussing contractor. She and her team have done amazing work through extraordinary shortages of staff. Tanya and her team received several G.E.M awards (Going the Extra Mile) from First Student. Tanya for her leadership, and Tanya and her team for their focus on safety.
  • Robert Lamphere: For his dedication to his own students, and dedication to those within the special education umbrella.