The Amazon

by: Andrew

how long is the amazon river

The amazon river is about 6,992 in length

what is a threat to the amazon

a threat to the amazon is people chopping trees down and mining

what animals live there

the animals that live there are piranhas,arapaima fish,river dolphins and more

where is the amazon river located at

the amazon river is located in brazil

How many animals live in the amazon

There is about more then 10 million species including plants and insects

Plants that live in the amazon

These are the plants that live in the amazon ,orchid,banana,Venus fly traps,coffe and loads more did you know that there are 40,000 plant species that live the amazon.

How many dinosaur bones that had been found in the amazon

Apparently there was no bones found until 1809

How many endangered species that live in the amazon

There is about 2,600 endangered species

how many insects live in the amazon

The Amazon rainforest may house as many as 2.5 million species of insects

what is the longitude and the latitude of the amazon river....

The latitude of Amazon River is -2.163106, and the longitude is -55.126648.Amazon River is located at Brazil country in the Rivers place category with the GPS coordinates of 2° 9' 47.1816'' S and 55° 7' 35.9328'' W.