NFL Draft

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Biggest picks of the draft

With the first round draft pick going to Jameis Winston the Buccaneers are looking like they're going to have a good offense this year.Well what i hear everybody asking is why the Titans picked Mariota. Mariota having a really good season in the NCAA can be some of the purpose on how that happened .with the Oregon Ducks coming short under the Wisconsin Buckeyes can sometimes disrupt the NFL draft in some ways.

Now Amari Cooper was hands down the best wide receiver in the 2015 NFL draft now when hes going to the raiders its just suspenseful on how he might turn out this next season with Derek Car being his QB.Will the raiders really get a boost with Cooper or will this be another sad story for the new incoming rookie.Now the Raiders have been picking mainly offensive guys this year in the draft and if they play their cards right they could have a really good team.When people are talking about money-ball will this team even be able to draft all these new and veteran offensive players.

Now on the field all the people in the first round draft pick are mostly studs.but off the field there has been some troubles here and there. with one of the players getting in trouble for possession of weed it was kind of shocking to me how he even got drafted in the first place. Everyones heard of Jameis Winston during his NCAA football season but that didn't stop him from being first picked in the first round

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Charles Davis' 2015 NFL Mock Draft (version 1.0)

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