Coronavirus Update - April 3

Parent information regarding the coronavirus

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Greetings NPS Parents,

It has certainly been a long week. Rest assured that our curriculum staff, principals and teachers have been hard at work preparing for distance learning, which begins Monday.

Starting next week, teachers will reach out to their students to provide enrichment opportunities specific to their class. Parents are also encouraged to also take advantage of the grade-level resources on the NPS Distance Learning Dashboard to provide additional education opportunities for their children. Families who do not have internet will receive a menu of learning opportunities mailed to their home. The last day of instruction for this school year will be Wednesday, May 13.

Many parents have expressed concern that their student may fall behind during distance learning. Please keep in mind that students across the nation and around the world are dealing with school closures during this global pandemic. Our teachers are professionals in their field and stand ready to help your child during - and after - school closures. They continue to be your child’s teacher now and will work with them through distance learning. And, when students eventually return to school, our teachers will be there to meet students where they are academically and guide their educational advancement so please do not worry.

Weekly meals for students in need will continue to be provided on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please visit and complete the forms located in the Student Meals section to help our Child Nutrition team plan accordingly. Families who cannot pick up student meals on Monday can do so on Tuesday. Families who are not able to pick up meals Monday or Tuesday can call 405-366-5908 to make alternative arrangements. As I have shared before, I am incredibly proud of our Child Nutrition team members for their continued commitment to ensure our students are fed despite schools being closed.

Student safety continues to be our top priority, even during school closures. That is why all playgrounds located at our school sites have been closed to comply with local orders and prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can also help keep students safe by anonymously reporting abuse, suicide risks, bullying, drugs, guns, threats and more by calling Norman Crimestoppers at 405-366-STOP or submit a tip online at

Students who have musical instruments at school can expect to receive more information next week about how and when the instruments can be retrieved. Our Fine Arts team has been working to create a plan that ensures the safety of all involved.

Another very important item is the 2020 Census, which I encourage you to complete during school closures. When you submit the census for your household, you help ensure that our public schools receive federal funding and that the local community gets the resources it needs for hospitals, roads, public services and more. You can take it online, by phone at 844-330-2020, or by mail. The Census only comes around every 10 years so it is critical that everyone completes it to ensure public services receive adequate federal funding. Learn more at

Moving forward, you will receive more frequent communication from your child’s principals and teachers. However, I will continue to keep you informed with weekly district-level updates. As a reminder, answers to questions about graduation, yearbooks, grades, testing, and many other issues surrounding COVID-19 are available at

My heart is with those who are suffering in our community as a result of this horrible virus. So many of you also work on the front lines and continue to put your own health at risk to serve and care for others. On behalf of everyone at Norman Public Schools, we thank you.


Dr. Nick Migliorino


Norman Public Schools

Current as of April 3, 2020

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