Decision Making Process

Hunter Piedlau per.3

My Decision

I'm deciding on purchasing car mods and upgrades.

My Options ...

I have some choices of getting some aftermarket parts, I'm deciding between a combination of upgrades depending on price quality/ style and brand.

My max spending price is around $3600, but i will be spending less on primary swaps due to my conversions... that means i have to spend money installing the parts because i need to convert a lot of the installations to fit my car.

Furthermore that means i will have to spend less than 3k to finish my product.

Flowmaster Super 44 Center Inlet / Dual Outlet

Price- $100

This provides minimal performance but is cheap.

Injen IS Series Short Ram Intake

Price- $210

This is almost a requirement for a highly upgraded car, it will require minimizing space in my engine bay.

Magnaflow Catalytic Converters

Price- $400

This is almost a requirement in my book, it provides additional performance but requires removing stock parts.

Turbosmart Pro-Gate 50 External Wastegate Actuators

Price- $550

This part is only compatible with an additional part which is the turbocharger itself, but if installed it will greatly increase performance.

18x8 GT9 Gun metal

Price- $600

This accessory does not add performance but looks good on the car.

Entry Level Turbocharger - 4831B MFS

Price- $770

With this it will add a enormous amounts of performance but requires maintenance annually.

Racepak Ultra Dash Street Version

Price- $800

This will require a installation fee but shows current effects on car.

EMS Performance System for 2003 models

Price- $1800

This will also require a installation fee, it isn't required but is almost needed if i have multiple mods on car, it costs a lot.

My Decision

I have decided in the future to buy 18x8 GT9 Gun metal rims, Magnaflow Catalytic Converters, Injen IS Series Short Ram Intake, and Racepak Ultra Dash Street Version.