Vietnam War

By: Khris Daniels

Impact before the war

Vietnam was a vastly known war, it was equipped with so much horror and hate. Before the war started there was the Cold war which originally is the reason why we had the Vietnam war. It's said to be known that America thought communism was threatening to expand all over south-east Asia. Which is one of the main reasons why the war started. Vietnam was once part of the French Empire until they soon got over ran by the Japanese, but they soon let go and they thought it was there time to move so they split away and started there own government with Ho Chi Minh as there leader. But he was terrible, so they removed him from power which caused the Chinese to pull out of North Vietnam and thus started the war that we know today as Vietnam.

Impact during the war

November 1946 the beginning of the war. It all started when the French decided to start bombarding the port of Haiphong which soon ended up with over 6,000 people killed. there were many tears and blood was shed that day, most people didn't even want to be there but they knew they had to do right by there country. The French did try to win over the people though by offering them independence but they thought they were crazy and just joshing with them. But they soon gained a new leader named Bao Dai, he tried to calm them down but no one would recognized him as the leader so it just caused more problems.
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Impact after the war

The impact after the war left a huge imprint on many of the people, family and friends who were either in it around it or even close to the people who fought in it. Things soon got better but there was still the hard times and PTSD that remained in many of the people who were still alive after it all.