A Christmas Bonus!

Could you use an extra $560 cash right now? Maybe $1120?

It's the week before Christmas

And you're plum stressed out

Cursing that dreadful guest list

"Oh, why did I open my mouth?"

Didn't plan on lil' sister to come moving in

She was just in Florida, engaged to that guy, Ben

Of course, your car just broke down

As you left for the store

No time like the present to remember being poor

It's normally not this bad

But James just got laid off

No work to be found for a hardworking dad

Praying while pacing up and down the hall

You thank God for your blessings

Making sure you count them all

You just can't afford Sarah's dollhouse

Little Michael won't get his new train

Yes, they know the true meaning of Christmas

Gifts aren't what it's all about anyway

Maybe you could find a job working from home

"Yeah, right. Those take too much time and they don't pay diddly squat!"

You could just call up your friend, Ciji

And get ready to hear you know what!

That girl's ALL OVER your Facebook with that LeVel, that THRIVE!

Promoting for LeVel is absolutely free

Get paid for helping yourself & others to feel alive

I think it just don't get any better than that!

"Oh ok! I give! I'll sign!"

Yes! Wahoo! Welcome! Congrats!

"No way! Honey, look! Less than 2 weeks into this and we already earned a grand!"

Looks like we get to make 2 little kids' day after all!

So now you're healthy and you're happy

And things are all right

I'm glad I could introduce you to A Wonderful Thrive Life!