CPA Chronicles

College Prep Academy, November-December 2020


Our new College Prep Academy newsletter will inform you of what's going on in our school. Highlights include student-written articles, upcoming events, school-related data, and information relevant to current students and their families. Be on-the-lookout for the CPA Chronicles each month.

We hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!

Student & Community Highlights

Scholar Maya Welcher Interns at KTPS-TV

Maya Welcher, a 10th grade College Prep scholar and Topeka High student, serves as a dedicated intern for the KTPS-TV station, based here in Topeka Public Schools. Just this month, Maya interviewed our Kansas Lieutenant Governor, Lynn Rogers, and served as the anchor for December's newscast. You can watch the December KTPS-TV episode below.
KTPS-TV Episode 3: December 18, 2020

Holiday Spirit Extravaganza

In preparation for winter break, College Prep scholars show off their favorite holiday sweaters :)

Advisors Excel Visits College Prep

Ms. Tracy Khounsavanh Killough, Director of Community Engagement at Advisors Excel, and Mr. Larry Robbins, Deputy Superintendent for Topeka Public Schools, participated in a lively Zoom discussion with our 8th grade College Prep scholars during Topeka Public Schools' Principal for a Day event. In addition to learning about Ms. Killough's career experiences, College Prep scholars shared about future aspirations and experiences in the College Prep Academy.

Thank you, Ms. Killough and Mr. Robbins, for your steadfast support! We appreciate you both!

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Thank you to our Partners at Stormont-Vail Health!

Stormont-Vail's annual Warm & Thankful event provided winter gear and school supplies for College Prep students. Please let us know if your scholar needs school supplies or winter accessories- such as gloves or mittens. We will be happy to meet you at TCALC or deliver the items to your home!

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Academic Highlights

English Language Arts Spotlight: English 9

After reading the novel, Dear Martin, 9th-grade students self-selected projects for their end-of-unit assessment. Students designed their own projects and created the accompanying scoring criteria.

Student projects included video documentaries, poetry, and speeches. Future newsletters will showcase student work. You can also view projects on the College Prep website.

Below is an example of student work from our very own Makayla Segelquist. Makayla is a student at Highland Park and a second-year College Prep Academy student. Makayla's website can be accessed at


If I were to put every single historical event into a little bottle, how many bottles would I have?

If I were to put every single bad historical event's bottle into a separate room, how many good bottles would I have?

How many happy bottles would I have?

How many sad bottles would I have?

How many terrifying bottles would I have?

If I mixed all of those bottles up, would they change the world?

Would anything change if I destroyed all good bottles,

And deleted them from human history?

Would anything change if I destroyed all bad bottles,

And deleted them from human history too?

What if I destroyed all the terrifying bottles, erasing them forever?

Would anything truly change if I destroyed every slavery bottle I could find?

Would human history truly change if I did so?

Most likely not,

I'll put the bottles back into a neat little shelf,

And keep them for all to see.

Two rows for all war,

Four rows for all famine,

Three rows for bad economic change,

And a room for slavery.

All bottles, tucked into neat, tidy shelves,

I'll keep the room locked up,

No one must know the horrors within.

Math Spotlight: Pre-Algebra 7

Seventh graders are the newest members of the College Prep Academy. Our 7th grade scholars quickly discovered just how College Prep is different! We focus on collaboration and presentation as part of our enhanced rigor and curriculum. A big part of the first 16 weeks for 7th grade has been working with proportional relationships. Scholars have been tasked with not only mastering the concepts, but also working with various digital platforms to show exactly what they know and how they approached their work.

Please click here to see a Screencastify assignment from 7th grade scholar Kyla. Kyla is a student at Landon Middle School and a first year scholar at CPA. Kyla excels at utilizing digital platforms to present her learning for others. Kyla has become fluent with Jamboard, an online whiteboard where students can share their computations, and also with Screencastify.

Reminders & Upcoming Events

Last Day of Semester 1: January 29, 2020

January 29 is the last day for both Quarter 2 and Semester 1. Winter break is a great time for scholars to catch up on any missing work. College Prep will be hosting small group work sessions at TCALC on the mornings of December 28, 29, and 30 - please contact Ms. Wrisley if you would like your child to attend!

Remote Meal Distribution: December 30, 2020

Topeka Public Schools will be offering remote meal distribution on Wednesday, December 30th at the following locations from 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM.

Highland Park High School

Topeka High School

Jardine Middle School

Chase Middle School

Eisenhower Middle School

Robinson Middle School

Pine Ridge Prep